The Flower & Garden Festival is one of the most vibrant and colourful times to visit Epcot. This spring festival kicks off this year on February 28 and runs until May 28, 2018. This year we’re visiting Disney World in early May and I’m very excited that we’ll be returning during the festival. It’s been a couple years since we were last in Epcot during the spring and I know I might be in the minority here, but I think I prefer it to the Food & Wine Festival, though only marginally!  


Flower and Garden Festival - Fantasia Toadstool Topiary

The reason this festival has the leg up on Food & Wine for me, is the overall atmosphere and feel of the festival. It’s fresh and full of whimsy, thanks to all the beautiful character topiaries scattered throughout the park. There’s close to 100 topiaries, so they really do take over the park. Although the majority of the topiaries have remained the same for years, I still love seeing them in the park. They also have a tendency to move them around to different parts of the park when a new topiary is making it’s arrival to the festival. The Anna and Elsa topiaries and the new Beast and Belle topiaries are simply stunning and I can’t wait to take far too many pictures of them this year.  


Tinker Bell’s Butterfly House should be on your must-do list when visiting the festival. In previous years a Tinker Bell topiary can be found outside of the enclosure, which houses beautiful butterflies flittering through a lush garden.  


Outdoor Kitchens 

Flower and Garden Festival - Frushi and Bao Bun at the Japan Booth

Disney knows guests go crazy for festival and seasonal treats (not to mention the beverages), and there’s no shortage of those at the Flower & Garden Festival. 2018 will see 13 outdoor kitchens in Epcot, and I’m sure we’ll see the return of Frushi and Violet Lemonade, both of which fill Disney Instagram accounts during the festival. And with good reason, they’re festival favourites and extremely photogenic!  


Garden Rocks Concert Series 

Flower and Garden Festival - Outdoor Concert Series

The concert series is limited to weekends only during the festival. We’ve never really been much for the concert series, but that tends to be because the bands don’t always appeal to us and we feel as if our time is limited in the parks when on vacation (so we’d rather be eating or on rides).  

But just because the concert series doesn’t really appeal to us, doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out if one of the bands appeals to you. This year Smash Mouth and Simple Plan are just a couple of the new bands playing in the series, and there are some returning bands like The Guess Who and The Village People, with the full list of bands being available on Disney’s website.  

The Festival Centre 

Flower and Garden Festival - Epcot Festival Centre

The Festival Centre is in the old Wonders of Life pavilion. This is where you’ll find expert demonstrations and seminars led by horticulturists. Many of these seminars are an extra fee and require getting a spot in advance. Even if you aren’t attending a seminar, the Festival Centre is worth checking out. My personal favourite thing about the Festival Centre is the festival specific merchandise – the pins, the mugs, the artwork and so much more. 


The big draw of the Flower & Garden Festival is the overall atmosphere it creates in Epcot and it is arguably the most beautiful time of year to visit. We’re looking forward to having our favourite festival snacks, as well as trying a few new ones, taking photos of the topiaries and just basking in the beauty that is Epcot in spring.