Over the years we’ve made an effort to try every restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, branching out with the hope of discovering the best food in the park.  In some cases, we’ve found some truly delicious meals (and snacks), while we’ve also discovered the places we’re okay to skip out on.  

After all of our painstaking research (it was magical), we have concluded that the following dining locations are our picks for the 6 best places to eat in Magic Kingdom. 


6 – Skipper CanteenJungle Navigation Co Skipper Canteen Restaurant

Skipper Canteen is one of the most recent additions to the dining options at Magic Kingdom, and in our opinion, often goes overlooked. It makes our list of best places to eat in Magic Kingdom because it’s one of the only places at Magic Kingdom to find some more adventurous menu items.  

The menu at Skipper Canteen includes dishes that are African, Latin and Asian inspired. Magic Kingdom is full of all-American fare, which we enjoy, but we find Skipper Canteen offers a great alternative to the burgers and fried foods found at many locations. Don’t get us wrong, we love indulging in comfort foods, but we like a variety of options too.  

Schweitzer Slush from Skipper Canteen

With each visit to Skipper Canteen we find our experience improves a bit each time. We love the classic attraction Jungle Cruise and appreciate that the theming has been extended into a restaurant. Skipper Canteen may not be the best option for families looking to dine with characters, which makes it a good option for adults who are dining without children.  


Meals – Lunch and Dinner 

Location – Adventureland

Disney Dining Plan – 1 Table Service Credit  

Known For – Skippers, puns, and Kungaloosh!   

Price Range – Entrees $18-$35 USD 

Tables in Wonderland Accepted 

5 – Sleepy HollowFresh Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow is our go-to quick service breakfast spot in Magic Kingdom.  Our favourite thing to order here is the Fresh Fruit Waffle and it is a contender for the best single breakfast item in all of Walt Disney World. It’s smothered in chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella), berries and bananas. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, and it’s a perfectly healthy breakfast (you know…because of all the fruit)! 

We have branched out and tried the Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle, which is a good alternative, but it’s no Fresh Fruit Waffle. There’s just something wonderful about that warm waffle, gooey chocolate spread and the fruit combination first thing in the morning as you get ready to tackle the most magical place on earth.  


Meals – Snack/Meals 

Location – Liberty Square

Disney Dining Plan – Snack credit for select menu items 

Known For – Funnel Cakes, Waffles and a view of the castle.  

Price Range – $5.79 -$10.49 USD 

4 – Casey’s CornerCasey's Corner in Magic Kingdom

The Casey in Casey’s Corner refers to the baseball player featured in the 1946 classic Disney short Casey at the Bat. The All-American pastime featured in the Disney short is a perfect fit for a dining spot on Main Street U.S.A.  

Casey’s Corner serves up what you’d expect to find at a baseball themed dining location, hot dogs! While we enjoy a good ballpark dog, it’s the corn dog nuggets that keep us coming back. Ryan and I used to think corn dog nuggets sounded bizarre and they became a bit of a joke between us.  

Eventually, our joking turned into genuine curiostiy and before we knew it, we found ourselves with an order of Corn Dog Nuggets sitting right in front of us. Now, we’re happy to say that they have become a must-do snack on each trip for us! 

Corn Dog Nuggets from Casey's Corner

The bite-sized corn dogs are covered in a sweet and crispy batter and are perfect for dipping. The only downside at Casey’s is the seating. The outdoor seating itself is fine and most of it is covered, but guests continue to feed the birds, which makes them persistent and even aggressive towards other guests as they try to enjoy their meal.  

We recommend grabbing your nuggets and hot dogs and finding a spot on the hub grass if you’re unsure about the bird situation.  Bonus – sometimes there is a piano player playing ragtime tunes to further add to the atmosphere.   


Meals – Lunch and Dinner 

Location – Main Street, U.S.A.

Disney Dining Plan – Quick Service credit, and some snack credit items 

Known For – Hot Dogs, Corn Dog Nuggets, and the Frozen Mint Julep Lemonade 

Price Range – Entrees $8.49 – $12.49 USD 

Mobile Ordering Available 

3 – Liberty Tree Tavern Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern is one of our favourite table-service restaurants for dinner at Magic Kingdom. The theming is colonial America and the restaurant has a New England inspired menu, which is basically a Thanksgiving dinner.  

Dinner at Liberty Tree is served family-style, meaning each dish is brought to the table for guests to share and serve themselves. Dinner includes rolls, salad, seasonable veggies, mac and cheese (very Thanksgiving, I know), mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, pot roast and pork loin, and it’s all wrapped up with a delectable dessert.  

You can ask for more of a certain item if you like, so you definitely won’t go hungry. We find the value really good here, lots of food for a good price, especially when compared to other buffet and family-style locations at Disney.  

Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Recently we went to Liberty Tree with some friends (it was their first time here) and we all agreed it was one of our top meals during the trip – even beating out some signature-dining experiences. It was the perfect amount of food, everything was delicious and prepared really well, and the pot roast and stuffing was a personal favourite.  

We tend to stick to dinners at Liberty Tree, but at lunch you can order the family-style meal, or individual entrée items and appetizers.  

We’ve consistently had great dining experiences here. There’s something for picky palettes and for those who want to enjoy some comfort food. 


Meals – Lunch and Dinner 

Location – Liberty Square

Disney Dining Plan – 1 Table Service Credit 

Known For – Thanksgiving dinner and Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake 

Price Range   – A la Carte Lunch Entrees $16.00 – $23.00 USD 

– Adult Dinner (All-You-Care-To-Enjoy) 36.00 USD 

Tables in Wonderland Accepted 

2 – Aloha IsleAloha Isle in Magic Kingdom

The Dole Whip Float is by far one of our all-time favourite Disney treats, and Aloha Isle is the only place in Magic Kingdom to find this quintessential Disney snack.  

The first thing we did after getting engaged at Cinderella Castle at 10:00am was go get a Dole Whip Float to celebrate – that’s how much we love the Dole Whip Float.  

Dole Whip from Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom

The menu at Aloha Isle is small and simple. Options include pineapple soft serve (which can be swirled with vanilla) and there’s also the Upside-Down Pineapple Cake topped with pineapple soft serve. The Dole Whip Float, however, is the best item on the menu – pineapple soft-serve floating over pineapple juice.  

We think the Dole Whip and Aloha Isle live up to the hype every time and is well worth your snack credit and/or hard-earned money.  


Meals – Snacks 

Location – Adventureland

Disney Dining Plan – Snack credit 

Known For – The Dole Whip 

Price Range – $3.00 – $6.49 USD 

Mobile Ordering Available 

1 – Be Our GuestBe Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest has to be number one on our list of best places to eat in Magic Kingdom based purely on the theming. Imagineering did such a spectacular job recreating the Beast’s castle, from the details in the West Wing (including the slashed portrait and the enchanted rose), to the painted ceiling in the ballroom and the snow that perpetually falls outside the windows. Because of this, Be Our Guest is one of the most difficult reservations to get in all of Walt Disney World. 

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Our meal preference here is dinner. The value at breakfast isn’t the best, however the food is better at lunch and so is the value. But because breakfast and lunch are quick service we have found the atmosphere feels more rushed and busier than dinner. 

Be Our Guest also recently upgraded its dinner service to signature-dining status. Now, the dinner menu is a prix-fixe 3-course dining experience ($55 USD per adult or $35 USD per child).  While it’s no Monsieur Paul or California Grill, we don’t expect it to be. Be Our Guest is meant to appeal to families and groups of all ages and it excels at doing so. Our meals have been tasty, and enjoyable. Good food, paired with amazing theming is why Be Our Guest is the best place to eat in Magic Kingdom.  


Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 

Location – Fantasyland

Disney Dining Plan – 1 Quick Service Credit for Breakfast and Lunch 

– 2 Table Service Credits for Dinner 

Known For – The Grey Stuff and French Onion Soup 

Price Range – Breakfast entrees $25 USD 

Lunch entrees – $5.99 – $16.99 USD 

Dinner entrees – $55 USD per adult, $35 USD per child 


Do you agree with our list? What’s your favourite spot to eat in Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below! 

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