It has been almost a year, with our first wedding anniversary coming up on June 30th! We thought it would be a good time to take a look back on our best day ever and all of the hidden (and not so hidden) Disney elements sprinkled throughout our wedding day. 

We wish we could re-live our wedding day.  It was everything we could have hoped for – a beautiful day filled with friends, family, love, fun and of course, Disney.  

Right off the bat, we knew we wanted a theme for our wedding. We weren’t sure how complex or simple we wanted to go with the theme, but it was important that the day felt cohesive to us theme-wise, and that everything was there for a reason. We thought, maybe the theme of ‘love’ would work and it’s appropriate since it is a wedding – but we knew we would want some Disney elements included in the day. It’s a place that means so much to both of us. Ryan proposed in the hub in front of Cinderella Castle and we were already planning a Disney honeymoon.  

I think we always knew we would have a Disney-themed wedding, but we wanted it to be fun and whimsical, while avoiding anything overly cheesy or cartoonish. We feel we struck a good balance and executed our “classy” and “subtle” Disney theme well, (though we may be biased in that department). Ultimately, we think people should do whatever they want on their wedding day. Here’s a look at how we incorporated Disney into our special day: 

Invitations Ryan and Lauren outside Hollywood Studios

We went with simple invitations, but they did include a photo of us, which of course, was a Disney PhotoPass photo, and on the other side of our invitations we included the phrase “Be Our Guest”. While it may seem obvious (or maybe cliché), it’s also iconic and relayed our sentiment perfectly.  

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding Animation

On top of that, our invitations included an illustrated picture of us drawn in a Disney-style. We ventured onto and found someone who would take a photo (the two of us on Splash Mountain) and turn us into Disney cartoons. It didn’t cost us much to commission the picture and we thought the combination of these small Disney touches would let our guests know what they were in for, in terms of the wedding theme. 



Lauren in her Wedding Dress

Photo by Peter B Photography

 I kept my bridal look pretty simple and classic, though I did end up getting a gown that was way more of a princess gown than I intended. I’m the first to admit that I’m not really Disney princess material. But what I did wear was a simple gold bracelet from Lillian & Co. with Best Day Ever stamped into it.  Ryan went with some classic Mickey cufflinks. The Bay and had some Disney cufflinks that were less expensive than ordering from Shop Disney, mostly because of the exchange, duty and shipping that come along with ordering directly from Disney and sending it to Canada.  


Cake Topper 

Donald and Daisy Tsum Wedding Cake Topper

Photo by Peter B Photography

I spent a fair bit of time cruising Etsy looking for Disney cake toppers but ultimately went with something we already had, Tsums Tsums! We have a fairly large number of Tsum Tsums to choose from so it was an easy and perfect choice for us. We went with classic Donald and Daisy Tsums since they’re our favourite Disney couple.  



Flame Tree Barbecue Wedding Favours

Originally my plan was to make homemade jam, but that got a little complicated and costly, mostly because of wanting to use fresh, seasonal fruit. A co-worker gave me the amazing idea to do something other than jam, like BBQ sauce. It just so happens that one of our favourite places to eat in Walt Disney World is Flame Tree BBQ. It didn’t take long to find the recipe for their sauce online and we made massive batches of the sauce and then canned it. Ryan took it a step further and turned a photo he took of the Flame Tree sign into stickers to be put on top of the jars. We were really happy with how the favours turned out, and it was nice to give people something they could use instead of something they would throw away (not to mention the number of guests who asked for the recipe).  


Card Box 

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding Card Box

Ryan really is the craft genius out of the two of us and he put a ton of work into making some beautiful handmade items for the reception. Ryan has access to a laser cutter at work and our wedding really benefited from it. Ryan designed and crafted a gorgeous wooden card box with a rose motif and tiny classic Mickey heads cut out of the box. It also had our names and wedding date engraved into it.  


Centerpieces & Table Numbers 

Little Mermaid Wedding Centrepiece

Photo by Peter B Photography

Early on in the planning process I knew I wanted each table at the reception to have something on it from a Disney movie or attraction. We went with lanterns from IKEA and Ryan designed silhouettes for each lantern and laser cut them, using vellum and black cardstock to make each lantern unique with each one representing a different Disney movie. They were simple and classic. Guests loved getting up to take a look at the other lanterns on the tables. Ryan also made some simple table numbers in the shape of a classic Mickey (laser cut, of course). What’s amazing about this laser cutter is that it’s located in the Makerspace at the public library, which means it’s accessible to everyone…a point Ryan made during our thank you speech at the end of the night.

Beauty and the Beast Rose - Wedding Centrepiece

Photo by Peter B Photography

Ryan also made one signature piece – a classic Beauty and the Beast rose inside a glass cloche. With a wooden frame and LEDs underneath, it sparkled all night long on our table between the two of us.



Ryan and Lauren's Wedding with Mickey and Minnie Ears

Photo by Peter B Photography

We went to Disney World a few months before our wedding and we picked up the bride and groom hats so we would have them on our wedding day. We only had a few photos taken with them on, but we were glad we had the foresight to pick them up.  

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding Photobooth

In addition to the classic wedding photos, we had a photo booth at the reception and brought in some of our own Disney items. I never thought we would make use of the oversized Mickey hands we bought years ago, but people loved them for the photo booth! We had multiple pairs of ears, headbands and the Oswald ears were also a big hit. A true highlight was seeing friends and family in their formal attire wearing giant cartoon Mickey hands. If I had one piece of advice when planning a wedding it would be to consider a photo booth for your guests. Our guests LOVED it! 



Ryan and Lauren's Wedding - First Dance

Photo by Peter B Photography

Believe it or not, I didn’t walk down the aisle to a Disney song. We kept the Disney theme to the reception and decided not to be completely predictable. But we did use a good amount of Disney music in the reception. We put together a mix of instrumental Disney music for dinner that wasn’t over the top and overtly obvious Disney music. “Married Life” was a must, and we used music from Monsters Inc. and even some attraction and theme park atmosphere music. We wanted the music to blend well into the background, but also be a little something for our Disney friends to pick up on.  

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding - First Dance

Photo by Peter B Photography

One thing we knew from the start was that our first dance would be to “I’ll Get You What You Want” from Muppets Most Wanted. Ryan is the biggest Muppets fan I know and I wanted a fun and upbeat song, rather than a traditional slow-dance. Our friend who is a dancer and choreographer was kind enough to help us out and choreographed an amazing first dance for us. It was simple enough for us non-professionals to make it seem like we knew what we were doing and it made for quite the surprise for many of our guests. The first dance was easily one of the most memorable and fun parts of our wedding.  


It Reflected Us 

Ryan and I worked hard to create a wedding that felt personal and was a representation of who we are and the things we love. On top of that, we definitely wanted our guests to have an amazing time and I think we were able to do all of that, to the best of our ability. Like so many others, Disney is just part of us and it makes us happy so it was a simple choice to incorporate some of the magic of Disney into our wedding day. Take a look at some of the other photos from our Best Day Ever down below:

Ryan and Lauren's Wedding Photo

Photo by Peter B Photography

Snow White Wedding Centrepiece

Photo by Peter B Photography

Beauty and the Beast Rose for a Wedding Centrepiece

Photo by Peter B Photography

Cinderella Wedding Centrepiece

Photo by Peter B Photography