Who We Are

We are passionate about all things Disney, and have made it our goal to work as much Disney as we can into our daily lives. In the past we wrote for Disney fan blogs, but we eventually got to the point where we wanted to start our own. We enjoy sharing our love for Disney together, whether it’s our shared love for Disney food, history, Walt Disney himself, movies, music, or the attractions. We strive to find like-minded people to connect with who value what the Disney parks represent to us; incredible experiences, making memories with loved ones, storytelling, immersive theming, all which create a place where we find ourselves to be at our best and happiest. That is what we want to experience everyday, and one of the best ways for us to do that is to share our personal experiences here on this blog.

Many of the best moments in our lives together have been Disney related. Our first vacation together was to Disney World, we got engaged in front of Cinderella castle, our wedding had a Disney theme, and we spent our honeymoon in Disney World.

We hope this blog will be a way for us share our love of Disney, and connect with those who share our passion for Disney.