We never skip breakfast when on vacation at Walt Disney World. We need a good and tasty start to the morning, so we have as much energy as possible when attacking the parks. But it’s not always as simple as heading into the park and just walking up to a counter to order some eggs. There are character meals that require advance reservations and not all the quick service locations are open for breakfast. It can be frustrating to arrive at the park ready to tackle the day only to be met with the hurdle of where to find breakfast.  

Our 10¢ Cinnamon Rolls from Gaston's Tavern

Many guests like to make an early breakfast reservation to get into the park before the gate officially opens. This is a plan that we highly recommend using on a morning when Extra Magic Hours are not scheduled at Magic Kingdom for resort guests. If there are Extra Magic Hours scheduled on the day you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, you would be better off getting on rides in those early hours and making a dining reservation for around time the park officially opens.   

Many mornings, guests are let into the park about an hour early depending on the crowds. But if you want to guarantee entry into the park early, an early reservation is key. If the park opens at 9am, aim for an 8am reservation. If that early time slot isn’t available, consider a reservation around 9:30am. Then, you’ll have time to wander Main Street and catch the welcome show, “Let the Magic Begin”. The show takes place at the castle 5-minutes prior to the park officially opening and then you can head to your breakfast reservation afterwards. 

If you prefer a big breakfast, we recommend one of the table-service restaurants, but for the light eaters, quick-service dining is the way to go and there are plenty of options that are perfect for sharing!  

Now, onto the good stuff…Here’s where you can find breakfast each and every morning in Magic Kingdom: 

7 – Gaston’s Tavern Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom

There aren’t many breakfast choices at Gaston’s but that doesn’t stop a line from forming in the morning. The main item for breakfast is the Warm Cinnamon Roll. This roll is good for sharing but it is completely acceptable to keep it all for yourself (it’s a Disney vacation after all). I am a huge cinnamon bun fan and these are particularly good when they are fresh in the morning so I’m inclined to have one all to myself. I’ve been told you can even ask for extra frosting, which I have yet to do, but I have plans to do this next time I order one.  

There is some seating available inside and whether you’re eating inside or taking your bun to go, it’s worth taking a moment to see Gaston’s corner complete with his chair decorated in antlers and his extremely humble portrait. It’s good spot for a photo or two.  

You can get the Warm Cinnamon Roll all day at Gaston’s but if you like to start your day with something sweet (as I always do) it’s not a bad option at all.  


Location: Fantasyland 

Quick Service Restaurant

Disney Dining Plan: Some Snack Credits 

Price: $14.99 USD and under 

6 – Main Street Bakery Main Street USA

The Main Street Bakery is always busy because it’s pretty much a Starbucks location. This is where you can find all your Starbucks favourites in terms of coffee and other Starbucks drinks. You’ll also find baked goods and treats here as well.  

There are many items here that you can use a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit on. It’s definitely a popular spot, particularly in the morning, because a lot of people need their Starbucks.  


Location: Main Street U.S.A 

Quick Service Restaurant

Disney Dining Plan: Some Snack Credits 

Price: $14.99 USD and under 

5 – The Plaza Restaurant Cinderella Castle Hub in the Magic Kingdom

The Plaza Restaurant is at the end of Main Street U.S.A and is a good option for breakfast if you want to start you day at Magic Kingdom with a substantial, sit-down breakfast. There are your regular breakfast options here, Create-You-Own Omelette, Mickey Waffles, a Breakfast Platter and Lobster-Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict if you’re feeling a little fancy (but not TOO fancy).  

The Plaza is pretty casual and comfortable. It seems to be often forgotten though as a dining location at the parks. I looked for reservations for less than 3 weeks from now and had quite a few good breakfast time slots pop up. This would be a great spot to book for an early breakfast reservation if you wanted to access the park early but not spend too much money on breakfast. It would beat having breakfast in a busy resort Quick Service cafeteria. Plus, you would be able to easily catch “Let the Magic Begin” before the park opens either before or after your breakfast reservation.  


Location: Main Street U.S.A 

Table Service Restaurant: Reservation Recommended  

Disney Dining Plan: 1 Table Service Credit 

Price: $15 USD – $34.99 USD 

American Fare 

4 – Cinderella’s Royal TableCinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Royal Table is located in Cinderella Castle, making it a very popular spot for breakfast in Magic Kingdom. 

The draw here is eating in the castle and meeting a number of princesses. The price tag is a hefty one, especially for breakfast. Adults are currently $58 USD and $36 USD for children. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan you will have to use 2 credits for breakfast here. Food-wise, this location for breakfast probably isn’t worth 2 credits, but if you’re here more for the experience (as you should be) than it may be worth the 2 credits to you. 

Breakfast includes assorted pastries and your choice of one entree from the menu. There are about 6 entrees to choose from, ranging from typical bacon and eggs with potatoes, to Beef Tenderloin and Eggs, Shrimp and Grits and a Quiche.  

Again, we will highlight the fact that the food is okay here for breakfast, but you will have an easier time seeing the value here considering the price if you look at it as a whole experience. It’s more than just breakfast, it’s meeting multiple princesses and eating in the iconic and extravagant Cinderella Castle.  


Location: Fantasyland/Cinderella Castle 

Table Service Restaurant: Reservations Recommended at 180 days 

Character Dining Experience 

Disney Dining Plan: 2 Table Service Credits 

Price: $62 USD per adult, $37 USD per child 

American Fare Breakfast 

3 – The Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom

The Crystal Palace is a buffet where guests can meet and mingle with Winnie the Pooh and his friends, typically Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. The Crystal Palace is a beautiful spot for breakfast on a sunny day. The building is a white steel structure with many windows and an atrium. The restaurant was inspired by London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851.  

The buffet is made of up of American breakfast foods, waffles, eggs, pancakes, fruit, bacon. Just what you would expect from a regular breakfast spot. This is another example of a restaurant that is more about the experience than the food. It’s a good pick for selective (picky) eaters. Because it’s Winnie the Pooh and his friends greeting here, it is a popular spot for young families. We highly recommend getting reservations at the 180-day mark before your vacation or as soon as you can, since the most coveted time-slots can be hard to come by.  


Location: Main Street U.S.A 

Table Service Restaurant: Reservations recommended at 180 Days 

Disney Dining Plan: 1 Table Service Credit 

Price: $42 USD for adults, $27 USD for children  

American Fare 

2 – Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Restaurant Entrance to the Grand Ballroom

Be Our Guest offers breakfast as a Quick Service meal. I appreciate the option to have breakfast in a castle that isn’t 2 Dining Credits or a full sit-down dining experience.  

Despite being a Quick Service meal, we do highly recommend making reservations at the 180-day mark for breakfast as it’s a popular spot, especially during those early time slots. 

There is sometimes confusion around whether Be Our Guest is a character dining experience. Sadly, it is not. During dinner guests can line up to meet the Beast, but the Beast does not appear during breakfast or lunch.  

Croissant Doughnut at Be our Guest Restaurant

Even though Be Our Guest offers a Quick Service breakfast the price is on the higher end. It is a Pre-Fixe menu which includes assorted pastries and your choice of an entree on the menu. It is currently $28 USD for adults, which we find steep for the food here, especially if paying out of pocket.  

The food is American/French inspired fare. You’ll find menu items like a bacon and egg open faced croissant sandwich, the Croissant Donut and a Croque Madame. A lot of people love breakfast here. We don’t, simply because we much prefer lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest. Also, we are usually paying out of pocket and we find the price for lunch, compared to breakfast, is a better value for us. That being said, breakfast is a fantastic use of a Quick Service Dining Credit! We find $28 USD out of pocked for a fancy donut and some pastries is a little too much for us when we consider what else we could get to eat for $28 USD (like 4 Dole Whip Floats and $4 for another snack…for some perspective). 

The castle is a beautiful spot and we do think everyone should eat here at least once because it truly does have some incredible theming. 


Location: Fantasyland 

Quick Service Restaurant at Breakfast: Reservation Recommend at 180 days 

Disney Dining Plan: 1 Quick Service Credit 

Price: $29 USD for adults, $16 USD for children (beverages and desserts excluded)

American/French Inspired Fare 

1 – Sleepy Hollow Fresh Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow is our go-to breakfast option at Magic Kingdom. It’s a Quick-Service window location in Liberty Square.  

It’s great when you’re looking for something filling but quick. Our personal favourite is the Fresh Fruit Waffle. It’s a warm waffle sandwich with chocolate hazelnut spread, berries and bananas. You can also find Mickey waffles here, funnel cakes (which are a great use of a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit). There’s also a Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle if you want some protein.  

Sleepy Hollow has some outdoor seating. There is usually a bit of a line here so we always have one person wait in line and order while the other goes to grab a seat. We usually don’t have trouble getting a spot to sit and there’s a nice side view of the castle.  


Location: Liberty Square 

Quick-Service Counter 

Disney Dining Plan: Some items available for Snack Credits 

Price: $10.99 USD and under 

American Fare 

The Bottom Line 

We personally tend to opt for Quick Service breakfast options at Magic Kingdom because we like to spend our time enjoying other aspects of the parks and we try to accomplish a lot in the morning hours.  

Keep in mind that breakfast times do change seasonally, so check the My Disney Experience app to see when breakfast starts. Typically, breakfast will start somewhere between 7am and 8am (again depending on the time of year and location) and usually ends around 10:15am and 10:45am. 

If you’d like to take a look at breakfast locations at another park, check out our Breakfast at Disney – Animal Kingdom Edition post!



We’d love to hear your favourite breakfast spot in Magic Kingdom, let us know in the comments!