Coronado Springs Resort Review

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is one of the Walt Disney World moderate resorts. Settled fairly equidistant between Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, it’s one of most central resorts on Disney property. Ryan and I had an opportunity to stay here and I’d like to give you an overview of Coronado Springs, as well [...]

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6 Ways to Stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort

Ever since our first trip to Walt Disney World, it was a longtime dream of ours to stay at a Disney deluxe resort. We never thought it would happen because it is so expensive!  A trip to Disney is costly enough, especially with the merciless exchange rate to take into consideration. We are of the school of thought that [...]

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A Bay Lake Tower Resort Review

Sitting next-door to Disney’s Contemporary Resort is Disney’s Bay Lake Tower, a Disney Vacation Club resort. When we first started planning our visit, the Contemporary wasn’t at the top of our list of resorts we were anxious to stay at. We thought it might lack the warm, inviting and immersive theming that other deluxe Disney resorts have.   At first glance, Bay Lake [...]

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Classic Florida – An Old Key West Resort Review

Old Key West is the original Disney Vacation Club resort. The theming is pretty clear, as it’s right there in the name. Old Key West is a quaint (fictional) Florida Keys community called Conch Flats. We stayed a few nights at Old Key West as part of a split stay with Pop Century where we started [...]

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Feeling Nostalgic: A Disney’s Pop Century Resort Review

We recently stayed at Disney’s Pop Century resort for the very first time and we were excited because all of our previous stays at Disney's Value Resorts have been at the All-Stars. Needless to say, we were really looking forward to our stay here as we've heard from many Disney fans who call Pop [...]

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Overnight Parking Fees Arrive At Disney Resorts

The biggest news to come from Disney this year is that guests of Walt Disney World resorts will now have overnight parking fees to pay. These fees are now in effect for all future resort bookings. The Details The fees differ depending on the resort you stay in.  The self-parking fee is $13 USD [...]

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Animal Kingdom Lodge – Review

On our very first trip to Walt Disney World, we stayed in a value resort. A few years later, we stayed at a moderate, and last fall we stayed in a deluxe resort for the first time.  In trying to decide which deluxe resort we should try first, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge was an easy choice to make. Within moments of arriving at Kidani Village, we were no longer asking ourselves why people pay deluxe resort prices - that’s literally how [...]

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Split Stays At Disney

It's always been a Disney dream of ours to try and stay at every resort at Walt Disney World. This is something we really want to do for a couple of reasons. We believe that each resort offers something unique, and we would like to be able to share what it’s like to stay at each resort from our first-hand experience. We also love that each resort [...]

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