For a few years now, we have had a subscription to Celebrations Press Magazine. It is not connected in any way to The Walt Disney Company, but instead is a magazine created by passionate, life-long Disney fans. The editor is Tim Foster and he has a team of contributing writers, photographers and associate editors. They put out 6 issues a year, each focusing on the Walt Disney World parks, resorts, Disney films and history, and it’s filled with tips and reviews.  

Each issue has a feature article on a Walt Disney World attraction and a Disney film, among other articles and sections that appear in each issue. They have a section dedicated to letters from readers, Disney News, a Calendar of Events for the upcoming season, they have a section called Shutters & Lenses, which gives readers photography tips that are specific to Disney.  

Celebrations Magazine

The thing we most appreciate about Celebrations Press Magazine is their attention to detail in their articles, and their passion for Disney history. We love learning the stories behind the creation of an attraction, and the Imagineers who dreamed it into reality – and it’s apparent that the people making Celebrations value the history of Disney too.   

They also have fun, quick to read sections, such as a quick stats page called By the Numbers.  I love this sort of thing. I love learning quick facts that make me go ‘wow!’ In one issue, we learned that Happily Ever After features 25 Disney films in the HD projections, and 75 instruments were used by the London Symphony Orchestra that recorded the soundtrack. It’s those little tidbits of information that make me appreciate what I’m watching and experiencing that much more.  

The magazine also includes quizzes to test your Disney knowledge, a Hidden Mickey section, and the back page is always Tim & Lou’s Top 10, which is 10 facts usually about a Disney character. Their pages are also filled with photos, so even if you just feel like flipping through, there will be plenty of pretty pictures to look at too. 

What I’m getting at here is that Celebrations is a highly enjoyable read that we can pick up and read a few pages of when I’m missing Disney. Their articles are full of information that makes us appreciate the work Disney does even more, and enhances my enjoyment of the parks when we’re there.  

Check Them Out

Before I tell you to take a look, I’ll take a second to point out that we’re in no way affiliated with them and aren’t sponsored by them in any way – we genuinely just really enjoy reading them. 

If you happen to be interested in subscribing to Celebrations Press, check out their website: 


You can subscribe for 6 issues a year for $35.99 USD for Canadians, $54.99 USD for international residents, and $29.99 USD in the U.S. We like having the physical copies to read and keep, but they also offer a digital subscription for $19.99 USD a year. And you can order a digital copy of their back issues for $8.99 USD each. 

Celebrations takes on all areas of Walt Disney World, making it the perfect magazine for true Disney lovers, the ones who continue to return year after year, but even for those who have just discovered a love of Disney and want to learn more.