Trying to plan your Disney Vacation can be overwhelming at times. When it comes to FastPass+ selections, we find that there are many commonly asked questions about the system. So to help you understand the ins and outs of it all, here is everything you need to know about FastPass+:

What is Disney’s FastPass+? 

At Walt Disney World in Florida, FastPass+ (sometimes seen as FP+) allows guests to make reservations for select attractions, character meet-and-greets and entertainment in the parks. Your FP+ selection lets you skip the stand-by queue and enter the FastPass+ line, which greatly reduces your wait time for your chosen attraction. 


How do you make a FastPass+ Reservation? 

Reservations can be made online through the Walt Disney World website, and at kiosks located within the park (look for the FP+ logo on the park map). You can also make your FastPass+ reservations through the My Disney Experience app, which has become the preferred method for a majority of guests given how convenient it can be. 


How does FastPass+ work? 

When you make a FastPass+ selection, you are essentially choosing a 1-hour window, known as your return time, for you to enter the FastPass+ Line and skip the stand-by queue.  

For example…If you have a FP+ reservation for Space Mountain at 2:00pm, that means that you have between 2:00pm and 3:00pm to arrive at Space Mountain. You will scan your magicband or park ticket on the touchpoint at the FastPass+ Return entrance and then enter the FastPass+ Line.  

You can only use your selection once during the 1-hour return time. 


How many FastPass+ selections can you make?  

You can make up to 3 reservations per day prior to your arrival to the parks. Once you have used your third reservation (or the time on that reservation has expired) you can make an additional selection. When you use the additional selection, you can continue to make reservations one at a time, as long as there is availability. 

Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story Mania Queue

Is there a cost for FastPass+? 

No. FastPass+ is free with any park admission.  

**We will point out that Disney is currently trying a pilot program for guests staying Club Level at their Deluxe Resorts wherein guests can purchase an additional 3 FP+ selections for $50 per person per day with a minimum purchase of 3-days. 


When can you book your FastPass+ reservations? 

Guests who are staying off Disney property can make their reservations up to 30 days prior to each day in the park. That means that if they’re visiting the parks over 4-days, they can make their reservations 30 days prior to each one of those days, or they can wait until 30 days before their last day in the parks and make reservations for their entire trip. Unfortunately, the availability of FP+ selections can get pretty sparse within the 30 days prior to travel. 

If you happen to be staying at a Disney Resort and select Good Neighbour Hotels, you can make your FP+ reservations up to 60 days prior to your arrival day, for your entire trip. That means that 60 days prior to the first day of your Resort reservation, you can make FP+ selections for the length of your stay. This is a huge bonus, since you only have to wake up early once to make your FastPass+ reservations. Plus, at the 60-day mark, there is typically better availability for FP+ selections at the more popular attractions. 

After you have used your third FastPass+, you can book additional reservations while you’re in the park using the My Disney Experience App, FP+ kiosks, or the Disney website on your phone. 

Disney FastPass+ Entrance

What time do FastPass+ reservations open up? 

Whether you’re staying at a Disney Resort (for the 60-day FP+ window) or you’re staying off-site (for the 30-day FP+ window), FastPass+ selections can be made starting at 7:00am EST 


Which attractions can you use FastPass+ reservations for? 

Each park has a list of attractions that you can use your FastPass+ selections on. However, in trying to ensure that the majority of guests don’t use their FastPass+ selections for only the most popular attractions, Disney has implemented a Tier system at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  

There are two tiers of attractions for you to choose from. Tier 1 attractions are usually the most popular attractions and entertainment in the parks, whereas Tier 2 attractions may be slightly less popular. When selecting FP+ reservations from the Tiers, you are allowed to pick one FP+ selection from Tier 1 attractions and two FP+ selections from Tier 2 attractions. 

For a full breakdown of attractions, tiers and strategies for making selections, check out our FastPass+ guides bellow 

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FastPass+ in My Disney Experience App

Can your FastPassreturn times overlap? 

No, you can only have one FastPass+ selection at a time for any given 1-hour window (return time). So, if you have a FastPass+ reservation for Space Mountain at 9:00am (your 1-hour return time is 9:00am – 10:00am), you cannot book another selection for any time earlier that 10:00am.  

However, if you have used your third FP+ selection in the park, you can make your additional FP+ reservations immediately afterwards. 


Can you use all 3 FastPass+ selections for the same attraction? 

Unfortunately, you are not able to use your initial 3 FastPass+ selections for the same attraction. So, no matter how big a fan you are of Turtle Talk with Crush. You can’t make your first 3 FastPass+ reservations for the same attraction. 

That being said, after you use your third FastPass+ selection in the park, that restriction is no longer in place, so you can make your additional FP+ reservations for the same attraction. 

FastPass+ Reader

Can I make my FastPass+ reservations for different parks? 

Currently, you must make your first 3 FP+ selections for the same park. Once you have used your third FP+, you can make a reservation at a different park for the same day.

**With Disney’s pilot program for guests staying Club Level at their Deluxe Resorts, once they purchase the additional 3 FP+ selections, they can book their FP+ reservations at any of the 4 parks. 

What happens if you are early or late for your FastPass+ return time? 

Disney understands that there are sometimes circumstances that prevent you from getting to the attraction within your specified FastPass+ time.  

If you arrive early to your 1-hour return time, you can use your FastPass+ up to 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. 

If you are late for your 1-hour return time, Disney offers a 15-minute grace period after the end of your scheduled time before your FastPass+ is cancelled. This is meant to be a grace period so guests don’t feel they have to run across the park in order to make their scheduled time. We do recommend that you try to stick to your scheduled 1-hour window. 

Multiple Experiences FastPass+ in the My Disney Experience App

What happens if the attraction is down during your FastPass+ return time? 

Whether it’s due to the weather or a minor malfunction, there are some instances when attractions will be temporarily closed. If you have a FastPass+ reservation for an attraction that is temporarily closed during your FastPass+ return time, you will receive a notification by e-mail or from the My Disney Experience app, depending on what notifications you have enabled. The notification will let you know that the attraction is temporarily unavailable and will list the options you have for using that FastPass+ reservation. 

If the closure is earlier during the day, you will likely have two options: 

Option 1 – If the attraction becomes available later, you can use that FP+ anytime until the end of the day.  


Option 2 – You can use that FP+ to visit 1 from a list of other attractions in the park. Within the notification, you will see a list of valid attractions, which may vary depending on the type of FP+ you had selected (Tier 1 or Tier 2). 

If the attraction closure is closer to the end of the day, you will likely be given a “Multiple Experiences” FP+ for the following day.

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions regarding FastPass+ booking, feel free to visit the Disney website FAQ, leave a comment down below, or send us an e-mail.