In the heart of the park, on the shores of Discovery Island, you can find Flame Tree Barbecue – one of our favourite quick-service restaurants in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While the name gives it away, Flame Tree Barbecue serves smokehouse barbecue ribs, pork sandwiches, smoked chicken and more for both lunch and dinner. All of their prices for these succulent dishes come in at $18.99 USD and under, with most options under $15.00. 

For all the Disney Dining Plan(ners), Flame Tree Barbecue requires one quick service meal credit and boy is it worth every bit of that credit. Even better, they also offer mobile ordering for everyone, whether you have the dining plan or not. It tends to be quite popular, especially around the lunch and dinner rush, so having the mobile ordering option is great to request on your way there. That way, chances are good that your food will be ready once you arrive and you can just grab and go. 

Flame Tree Barbecue is easily one of our favourite quick service dining locations on Disney property, in fact it might just be one of our favourite dining locations at Disney period. We’re big BBQ fans in general and I have trouble saying no to a saucy pulled pork sandwich, so this is our go-to location for BBQ when at Disney. We love this place so much, we even did a homemade version of the Flame Tree Barbecue sauce as favours at our wedding last year.  


The Ribs

On our most recent visit we each ordered the St. Louis Rib Dinner ($18.29 USD). The last time we ate here, we remembered having this entrée but it must have been a half rack of ribs at that time. Now, it’s a full rack of ribs and we both really struggled to finished the ribs (around 9-10 large ones), coleslaw, baked beans and jalapeno cornbread. We decided that next time, we will definitely share an entrée here – I would much rather share an entrée, finish it all, and grab a snack later if I got hungry again, instead of wasting food, and the last thing you want when visiting Disney is to force yourself to finish your meal so you feel stuffed over the next few hours of your day. 


The Pulled Pork

Our other favourite item here is the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10.99 USD). It’s a filling delicious sandwich, which is much easier than the ribs for one person to finish on their own. It also comes with baked beans, cornbread and coleslaw. I should mention, the jalapeno cornbread is a highlight here and you should absolutely make sure it’s included in your meal at Flame Tree – It’s worth mentioning that Both the Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Ribs have such a signature taste, that Disney sells the barbecue sauce as well as their spice rub for you to take home an add to your own barbecue. 



If you’re looking for a place to settle down near Flame Tree, they have multiple outdoor covered seating areas which feature bright and colourful chairs and tables. Many of the seating areas overlook the water and have a good view of Expedition Everest. In the seating areas there are handy condiment counters with everything you need to enjoy your meal, including compostable straws, napkins, cutlery and extra barbecue sauce!   

The one downside to these eating areas, as is common with many outdoor eating areas at Disney, are the birds. People continue to feed the birds in these eating areas making them overly confident creatures who get extremely close as they beg for food. It’s the only thing we find gets in the way of having a perfectly relaxing meal here. While it’s not always an issue, it can quickly become a nuisance if you are sitting near a table that is feeding the birds (there are signs everywhere asking you not to feed the birds, please take heed). It’s just one of the many reasons we all should avoid feeding the ducks and birds at Disney, because it interferes with the atmosphere and enjoyment of guests. Our advice is to try to sit in a location that’s relatively empty, and void of birds, if possible.  

Begging birds aside, we continue to make eating at Flame Tree Barbecue a priority when we visit Animal Kingdom, because a trip to Disney World wouldn’t feel quite the same without a stop here for us. With all the amazing dining options in Animal Kingdom it does get harder and harder for us to make time to eat everywhere we want in Animal Kingdom (we’re looking at you Satu’li Canteen). The Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes have great offerings, (especially the egg roll) not to mention some of the table service locations which we love.  

We know not everyone loves Flame Tree Barbecue as much as we do, but it has been very popular for a long time among Disney fans.  We always recommend it to those who love BBQ and are visiting Animal Kingdom for the first time. Flame Tree delivers in the taste and value department, which is usually what we’re looking for when dining at Disney.  


Disney QUIPS – Flame Tree Barbecue

Quick – Flame Tree is probably the best barbecue you can get at a quick-service restaurant. Easy family-friendly shareable meals and really reasonably priced for the amount of food you get.  

Unique – Because of Flame Tree’s assortment of offerings, it’s tough to find a wider variety in a quick-service restaurant. The St. Louis Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and even the smoked chicken all have their own signature flavour that brings people back to try them all. 

Impressions – While the seating can get a bit crowded during the rush (and with the army of birds scavenging about), the food is absolutely worth it. 

Palate – It’s southern comfort food – the meat falls off the bone, it’s never dry and the sauce and spicing is just right.  

Skip or Stay – If you haven’t tried it before, it’s a definite Stay, you’ll likely find yourself in the company of so many other Disney guests who make it a regular must-do on every trip.